Sound of Silence

photo: Adam Reich
© Christian Marclay
Courtesy the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery, NY

Christian Marclay interrogates the relationship between image and sound in his artistic practice, which ranges from experimental music, photography, collage and sculpture to video installations. He presents music as an object rendered visible by the technology of the record. The simple photograph The Sound of Silence of the cover of the eponymous single by Simon and Garfunkel is thus enough to conjure up the idea of this wellknown duet in the viewer’s mind. Marclay refers to the possible existence of an auditive memory in humans, while at the same time using photography in its traditional function of representing the immaterial and ephemeral and capturing it in a moment. The title refers not only to the cover shown, but also to the unavoidable silence of visual media.


  • original Title: Sound of Silence
  • Date: 1988
  • Genre: Photography

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