About See This Sound

The project SEE THIS SOUND - consisting of exhibition, symposium and web-archive - deals with the present and history of the connection between image and sound in art, media and perception. The starting point is the fact that our world of experience today is characterized by the omnipresence of audiovisual products and structures in which the cultural image and sound production of media technology, art and market strategy is fold intimately. SEE THIS SOUND responds to that by presenting and discussing different realizations of contemporary art and art history. The current fields of reference range from pop culture to the theory of perception and media technology.

The realization was done in close collaboration of Lentos Art Museum Linz and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Medien.Kunst.Forschung. as an exhibition-, research- and multimedia-project.

The web archiv is continued by the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

SEE THIS SOUND was a project for Linz 2009 - Capital of Culture Europe.


Artistic and Scientific Direction
Stella Rollig und Dieter Daniels

Scientific Direction of the web archiv at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
Dieter Daniels

Web Archiv
Concept: Sandra Naumann
Realization: Sandra Naumann, Mario Röhrle, Jan Thoben
Editorial Team: Sandra Naumann, Jan Thoben
Technical Director: Mario Röhrle
Assistant: Bernhard Pusch
Licensing and Copyright Management: Heike Helfert
Data Preparation and Entry: Adi Dörflinger, Carolina Hubelnig, Linda Thalmann
Design Web Frontend: Robert Pinzolits/metaphor
Database Programming and Web Frontend: Matthias Tarasiewicz, Michal Wlodkowski/5uper.net www.5uper.net
Editorial Coordination and German Copyediting: Ulrike Ritter
English Copyediting: Ginger A. Diekmann, Lutz Eitel, Niamh Warde,
Translations: Gloria Custance (Introduction), Jill Denton (Conceptual Correlations, Structural Analogies), Aileen Derieg (Dance, Games; Color-Tone Analogies), Rebecca van Dyck (Abstract Film, Architecture, Color Organs, Expanded Cinema, Film Scores, Gesamtkunstwerk, Graphic Notation, Sonification, Sound Design, Video; Parameter Mapping, Synchronization, Synesthesia, Steven Lindberg (Literature, Music Video, Musical Theater; Audiovisual Perception), Gillian Morris (Artists-Musicians; Transformation), Niamh Warde (Cinedance, Interactive Art, Painting), Hilla Widemann (Music, Sound Art

Curator: Cosima Rainer

Assistant Curator: Manuela Ammer

Project Coordinator: Veronika Floch

Trainees: Stefanie Kitzberger, Susanne Unah, Brigitte Kaserer

Exhibtion Architecture: Nicole David

Design Exhibtion Labeling: grafisches Büro

Managing Director: Gernot Barounig

Head of Production: Magnus Hofmüller

Curational Assistance Film: Sandra Naumann
Press: Nina Kirsch

Marketing: Eva Estermann

Restoration Manager: Andreas Strohhammer

Art Education: Karin Breinesberger und Team

Event Management: Klaus Ehninger

Office Administration: Claudia Kern, Ulrike Lindemann, Susanne Dorfer

Front Desk Shop: Adelheid Andraschko, Gerhard Hauser, Birgit Schneider / Veronika Sevcik

Overall directors: Dieter Daniels and Sandra Naumann

Coordination: Michaela Schörflinger

Interactive Timeline
Visual Concept and Interface: Dietmar Offenhuber, Stefan Schilcher

Implementation: Stefan Schilcher

Contentual Concept: Sandra Naumann, Mario Röhrle

Ludwig Bolzmann Institut

Lentos Linz09